Ethos Metaverse Breakdown & Cyberlete Strategic Partnership

What is the Ethos Metaverse?

We want to build a place where you can live. Starting with a hyper-realistic space galaxy on the UNREAL engine we will begin to incorporate other worlds into our world and create a realistic reality on top of reality. Whether we venture into AR or VR down the line the goal is to build a space you want to build, create, and live in.

What is Cyberlete?

Geoff and James have been involved with eSports and competitive gaming for years and have seen the toll that cheaters and hacks can take on competitions and even casual players and therefore created Cyberlete!

Cyberlete will be the first fair gaming platform. A stamp of approval, if you will, for the honest players. Through KYC as well as different AI technology to detect hacks and cheats Cyberlete will be able to differentiate the athletes from the bad actors. Competitive play and potentially even casual logins through biometrics means cheating the system would be out of the question without SERIOUS risk.

The goal is to reward the honest players, casual or professional, and do their best to reduce the amount of cheating that we’ve seen all too much in online games. Keep the network honest.

You can’t just create another account come back and play in our league. Our league’s for honest people and you’re not going to be able to fool the system”

James, Cyberlete Co-Founder

How will Cyberlete integrate into the Ethos Metaverse?

First, as will be the case for most partnerships, we will be building a planet for Cyberlete along with creating a unique avatar for their Metaverse introduction. The goal is that Cyberlete will not be locked in a singular place in the Metaverse but security for the Metaverse. We aim to help them create an authenticated backing for an application that can preface game launchers that vets unique players through KYC and biometrics. Allowing access only to unique and verified users. Through the use of KYC we’ll be able to ensure the safety of the players inside the Ethos Metaverse and create and fun and fair gaming experience for everyone.

What are the plans for the Ethos Metaverse?

The goal from the very beginning has been to create a fair platform. With Cyberlete acting as a “bouncer” to vet user’s we’ll be able to keep that creed alive ensuring that if you cheat or hack you’re gone. And since access will be through Cyberlete’s vetting process it won’t be as easy as creating a new profile to get in.

As for the Metaverse itself, it’s going to be huge. David, our dev, has been hard at work creating a realistic rendition of planets from our solar system as well as the moons they have orbiting them. If that wasn’t enough he’s also creating a realistic space to travel through from planet to planet.

Next, the plan is to integrate dApps into your home in the Metaverse. Dyer gives an example that if Cyberlete wanted to create some sort of liquidity pools on their website then their planet would also allow that access. Without leaving the game you could simply fly to their planet and access their pools and see your rewards and such. It would act the same as opening up a new web page but instead, you would be able to fly to their planet and access it there.

The potential there reaches beyond dApps alone and could move into things such as live streaming interfaces, town hall meetings, and even playing games inside the game. As we integrate with more and more communities the potential for apps and interfaces will grow.

With the addition of the Cyberlete integration, we’re making our first step into the eSports realm. Bringing on competitive gamers means bringing live-streamed tournaments into the world. James explains how Cyberlete will begin laying the groundwork for that with the first Metaverse eSports stadium being built on Cyberlete’s planet. James continues that they’ll have different events run inside that stadium with different perspectives essentially creating a virtual coliseum for gaming.

You’re imagination is your limit. Whatever you can dream of as far implementation, user interfaces, and what have you we can create in the Metaverse.”

David, DogeRun Founder

How do the Ethos Metaverse and Cyberlete plan to work into eSports?

Cyberlete’s goal is to connect a triangle of different eSports aspects together. One point of the triangle is the athletes. The athletes in eSports will always flock to where the home for gaming is and where the tournaments, leagues, and prizes are. By creating a place for all of those athletes to go it will inherently bring in the next group of people. The next point is the fans. People will always want to watch their favorite athletes and/or will be looking to find the next top athletes to watch and learn from them. By connecting these two groups together you find the last point of the triangle. The entertainers. The entertainers are the athletes that find their strong suit isn’t necessarily being a tournament gamer but providing an entertaining stream to the fans. We all know streamers we watch for how good they are and we all have streamers we watch because they are funny, or a little crazy, or loud, or whatever it may be but at the core, they’re very entertaining to watch. Now, what’s an entertainer without an audience?

This is where the points begin to connect. The athletes and top-tier players flock to a place to play. That in turn brings the fans that want to watch them and see who really is the top player. Now we have a break off of athletes who lean more into entertainment value over tournament play and we get a split of athletes and entertainers connected by the fans.

The Ethos Metaverse plays a role in being the place that these athletes, entertainers, and fans can come to watch, build, and come together all for the love of gaming. Being able to create stadiums to watch and cheer your favorite athletes. Or by giving your favorite athlete a place to look out into the stands and see people cheering them on. And giving your entertainers a center stage to do what they do best. Entertain.

“Right now it’s like the wild wild west you don’t know where to go and if you do know it’s still kind of scattered all over the place. You don’t know what competition is going on, who is actually professional, is it amateur or not and from there we can define it and make it easier for the fan, the athlete, and also the entertainers.”
Geoff, Cyberlete Co-Founder

What is the future of Cyberlete?

The ultimate goal is to create an NFL Esque style league for eSports. Essentially creating a universal rule book that levels the playing field across the board. A place to regulate professional gaming and create definitive tiers from novice, amateur, and professional, etc. As well as potentially creating a path for gamers to follow to grow from novice to professional. Now outside of the pro gaming aspect Cyberlete also aims to reward the casual gamers who are playing online games purely for fun by ensuring games aren’t being ruined by cheaters and hackers. A fair, safe, and cheater-free gaming platform for everyone.

What is the future of the Ethos Metaverse?

The goal of the Ethos Metaverse is to capture an augmented experience of our galaxy and then expand that into other worlds. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality from the different layers of technology being developed. Giving people a way to experience things they never could before like flying or even something that most of us take for granted like going for a walk or running. Being able to give people a better perspective of life and the world we live in. We want to give people a home where they can build and we want to help people achieve there goals whether its games or art or whatever their passion may be we want to give a place for these stars to live and to grow.

The goal isn’t to detach from reality but to rather enhance reality.”

Dyer, DogeRun Founder

What do you want people to know about Cyberlete?

As Hypergraph grows one of the technologies that will come from machine learning and AI will be one that will rationalize and be able to detect who’s potentially cheating on the other side of the screen. A way to see who’s being honest in their play with a trust factor that you’ll be able to see for players that can determine if they are vetted or could potentially be cheating in some way.

An example of the trust factor will be a rating that will show that this player has shown red flags in their play and might not be playing the game without any outside influence and from there you can decide if you would like to leave the game or report the player.

Right now with gaming there’s only so much they can with anti-cheat, but by adding the blockchain, a KYC aspect, and ledgers, etc there is so much more to be brought into the world of gaming to really prevent cheaters from taking advantage of the system. This is what Cyberlete aims to bring into NFT gaming.

What do you want people to know about the Ethos Metaverse?

A lot of people will ask whats the transition for DogeRun into the Ethos Metaverse and here it is. When DogeRun was first thought up by Dyer he originally planned to just do a Doge racing browser game and began looking for game developers and that’s when he met David. David was able to build the construct for racing in a weekend and designed a beautiful track on the moon with these poly carbon reflective Doges and we could have just finished it there with a simple browser Doge racing game and it would have been simple and easy, but once Dyer realized what David could do and the world we could create than “simple” just wasn’t enough.

The whole galaxy and worlds we are creating are more important than just making Doges run. Having the ability to see what we can do with ships, how far we can fly, bringing in partnerships and building them planets, building decentralized exchange planets, biometrics, and so much more. Working with people like Constellation, Cyberlete, Finnovant, and any other people we work with is all about that genuine goal to build something unique and positive for all to take part in.

This Metaverse will be unique and unlike any Metaverse out or even being built right now. We want to bring as many communities, partnerships, and worlds into this Metaverse as long as they’re on the same page as us with creating the purest, best possible Metaverse we can and adding as much value as possible to the user base.

I’m in it for the tech I’m in it for the long haul I’m not going anywhere this is where I’m at and this is where I want to be.”

Dyer, DogeRun Founder

A word from David, DogeRun Developer

“I have so many upgrades coming and so many updates, it’s insane.” Says David who has been working very hard on this Metaverse. We’ll be bringing base upgrades, customizables, and so much more into the game as well as continuing to create this infinite space where as you fly it’ll become procedural and you’ll be able to fly forever in this sector of our galaxy. The best part is it’ll be an accurate depiction of space and what we know is in our galaxy. Now there will be a quick fly prompt that will let you port to different places in the galaxy, but you’ll have to do some exploring first to get those prompts first.

Pop up brainstorming session!

At the end of this interview, after what was originally planned as the final statements, we got into a bit of a brainstorming session for what could possibly be coming for DogeRun and Cyberlete and it’s a great glimpse into what is actually going on behind the scenes when we talk about what we want to integrate into the game. A lot of ideas get mentioned so I’m going to break down this section into those different ideas.

Cyberlete Guards.

“You’ll have a Cyberlete dude standing there at the waypoint as you come into the portal to the new universe,” says James. This in turn kicked off Dyer to explain that we would like to add a Cyberlete to guard the portals of the Metaverse. Since they’re going to be the security for the game why not make them the guardian INSIDE the game as well? Accessing different portals in the game whether to different planets or waypoints a Cyberlete guard would be there and they could potentially be how you would pick where to go (Almost like flight paths in WoW).

Token powered events and portals

Dyer then moves on to explain that waypoints in the game require energy and as we integrate the Ethos token that may be how you access these points by paying in Ethos. This would even transfer over to community-specific events. If a community or partner has a token you might have to pay in their token to access their specific event. Dyer gives an example that if Cyberlete held a gaming tournament then perhaps how you would access that would be by paying in their token.

Factions and Farming planets

“Not necessarily like guilds per se but having your own star groups,” says Dyer “Ideally we’d like to create a sector of the universe where there’s a planet you have to farm gas from and that’s how you power your ship and warp jump,”. These planets would be places to farm resources that you will need throughout the game with some planets being richer than others in specific resources. Some factions would be community-specific for example Dyer says “Your solar system might have liquidity pools. Let’s say you have a DAG/Cyberlete liquidity planet and you’d have to go there in order to farm that pool or you have like an ETHOS/Cyberlete token liquidity planet and you’d have to go to that planet for liquidity.”

James even added the potential to add other galaxies to represent different chains. “Gotta go to another galaxy, say the AVAX galaxy.” The potential to integrate different chains as galaxies would be an awesome addition to the Metaverse. These planets would have a whole mining setup that would show probes mining your tokens and the more tokens you’ve added to the pool the more probes you would see mining.

Final Statement

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this interview possible from OutfoxedGaming for hosting it and Cyberlete for coming out to chat with us about their project we’re very excited to be working with them and we’ve got a lot more to come for the community. Our goal is to create the fairest play to earn NFT game inside the top Metaverse while giving as much value to the user base and the people involved as possible. As we work hard to do that we want to thank and assure everyone who is patiently waiting that this game is going to be huge and we’re extremely happy to have you and we hope to provide you with the best gaming experience that we possibly can.

Onward and upwards, Fren

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