DogeRun Developer, David, Joins OutFoxedGaming & DogeRun Founder, Cody, in Second Interview!

The Primary Objective of DogeRun

DogeRun’s main goal is to create a completely fair NFT Game from the mint process, all the way to each individual race inside a comprehensive world readily available to anyone who would like to be a part of it. Integration with Chainlinks VRF allows for every action requiring money to be guaranteed fair and provable on-chain. With DogeRun’s ever-extending Metaverse building partnerships and a strong community is key to the growth of the project. We aim to create a place where builders can create and creatives can excel.

Our Dev, David’s, background

David began making video games on the UNREAL engine back when it was only UNREAL 2. Growing up playing games like Starfox and Mass Effect he loved games in general but space games specifically. Always wanting to be involved in the hands-on process of gaming, creating them himself was the only logical next step. “Knowledge is power,” says David. Constantly trying to evolve his understanding of game development through reading and trial and error David loves the customization concept in games and will make sure to bring that to DogeRun.

I love getting up every day and working on this. There are frustrating moments like everything ‘cause ya know nothings perfect, but that’s why we’re here we just work and make it happen and I’m really excited to be a part of this. This is going to be something huge. It’s going to be huge.”

-David, DogeRun Developer

View of your Moon Doge from the main menu.

What Sets Us Apart

There is a couple of things that separate us from other game. The first is where it lives. Metaverses have been made before, but combining it with the UNREAL engine and allowing you to create and build on that UNREAL Metaverse is something yet to be seen. Another feature that seems to have flown under the radar is chatting. NFT games have not implemented chatting into their games and DogeRun was surprised at that. The team has been big MMORPG players all their life so chatting seemed like a feature that was impossible to skip over. There’s so much more that we’re working on behind the scenes that we can quite leak yet, but we’ve been ahead of the curve in every angle we have worked on. Be ready for what else will set us apart.

$DogeR, DogeRun’s governance, and utility token.

Provably fair. Guaranteed.

From step one of DogeRun, we’ve provided a provably fair system. Once you mint an Origin Egg you’re grabbing a lottery ticket. Then you move to the Hatching process which is run through Chainlinks VRF (Verifiable Random Functionality) to ensure that whether it’s your first NFT, your 1000th NFT, Game developer, founder, influencer, or anything. It is all PROVABLY fair on-chain.

Next DogeRun is making sure anything involving money and RNG will be processed with Chainlink’s VRF to make sure we stay provably fair across the board and no one can work the system in their favor. With the whole team being long-time gamers we understand how bad RNG can feel when trying to obtain a specific item. Now with VRF, it will still be difficult to get certain things but we hope to give at least a little relief in knowing it’s 100% random and we aren’t saving certain things for certain people.

How VRF is used in the DogeRun mint and hatch process.


One of the customization goals of DogeRun is to be able to create your hangar or planet in an “Animal Crossing” way. Being able to customize your planet for anyone who visits to be able to see as well as your home base, hangar, and possibly your DogeShips. This is one of the advantages to being an Origin Egg Shell holder as you will be able to receive a DogeShip simply by having an Egg Shell.

Walkthrough of a home base on Titan, Saturn’s Moon

Singe Player/Multiplayer Carry Over

There will be some items that carry over from the storyline mode to the multiplayer mode. Dyer compares it to keys in Kingdom Hearts. Unlocking a new key lets you take it into the next section of the game. Other things such as scraps or materials earned along the way in the storyline will carry over to multiplayer as well. Some of these things will come from achievements and others from unlocking new portions of the single-player game.

Achievement unlocked.


Now the DogeShips are talked about periodically throughout the interview but what we haven’t discussed is how or even why we have decided to burn Egg Shells for Ships so I’d like to talk a bit about it here.

Originally we had it planned that once you hatched your Egg you would receive a Moon Doge as well as an Origin Egg Shell NFT and that Egg Shell NFT would be the beacon for all future Origin airdrops. Now that is still partially true. You still receive both NFTs and the Origin Egg Shell will still be a beacon for airdrops, but when the DogeShips are released that Egg Shell NFT will be your ticket to a free one.

Through a burn mechanic, you will be able to burn your Egg Shell and receive an Origin DogeShip in its place. This doesn’t mean you lose your beacon for future airdrops, it means instead of your Egg Shell NFT being your beacon your DogeShip will become the beacon. We decided this because as fun as staring at an Egg Shell in your OpenSea’s account might be we’d much rather you get your fly your beacon from planet to planet.

Each Egg Shell NFT will be redeemable for a DogeShip and DogeShips will be free to all Origin Egg Shell holders but not exclusive to them. Other potential ways to earn a ship will be going through the single-player portion of the game or having to buy/build your ship through in-game services.

DogeShip distribution will be through Chainlinks VRF as well to make sure everyone knows we aren’t giving special privileges to anyone regardless of their status on the team or in the NFT world.


Why Do I Need A Ship?

What we’re building is more than a racing game. We’re creating worlds and planets that you will be able to travel to and from via DogeShips. Whether you’re visiting your friend’s home base or traveling to a race on Titan you will need some way to get there. Even if you’re looking to just explore the DogeRun universe and fly through space you’ll need a ship to do so.

In-game footage of flying your DogeShip

Creating The Metaverse

Even though David has been developing on UNREAL for quite some time now creating a blockchain game was no easy feat. From having to start from nothing and create an API from scratch to now being able to connect your wallet, create an account, retrieve your Moon Doge and DogeShip NFTs and see them in-game, and eventually being able to race your doges, customize your base, planet, or hangar all while setting the game up to be able to integrate all future goals as well has been a hell of a ride. Lucky for us David loves what he does.

The whole intent and purpose is to be able to create a haven or a place for you to live in and be able to draw back into and be able to build yourself and customize within your own space, in space.”

-Dyer, DogeRun Founder

Creating a world that people want to live in means creating a world within the world. Bridging real day-to-day activities into our Metaverse through hubs and planets designed for specific reasons and allowing people to fly to a planet just like going to a new website. For example, if you need to interact with a dext to trade something we want to have a planet that you can fly to and use that dApp in the game. Another would be creating Metaverse museums for people to showcase their art or potentially for Galaxy Host Games to curate their own museum and allow up-and-coming artists a platform to grow. (Dyer’s big on art NFTs 👀).

With Dyer being the author of the Proof of Existence token and head of blockchain innovation at Finnovant eventually bringing biometrics into the space is inevitable. The potential reaches all the way into Esports as long as we can build a world that people can customize the possibilities are endless.

DogeRun main menu.

How To Earn

DogeRun’s play-to-earn will start with wagering a bet that your Doge will win the race. Now unlike other NFT play-to-earn games, the goal with wagering is that you can wager different tokens of equal value to win more of the token you wagered (Wagering $10 in $DogeR against $10 in $ETH and your winnings being returned in $DogeR).

Now if you don’t place it’s not a total loss. Any Doges that don’t place in the top three will earn scraps. Scraps will be used to build parts to build your ships and other in-game wearables or objects to customize your base with. So even if you lose the race you might be able to build something someone else needs and you can sell it to them.

Of course, staking and adding LP will be available for anyone holding $DogeR, but what we are looking to add, which isn’t set in stone but something we’re very keen on doing, is allowing people to stake their $DogeR and being able to earn a multiple of other tokens. For example, since wagering will be in different tokens if you are in a hub that has 20 different tokens being wagered and the game is taking a percentage of those tokens by wagering $DogeR you can earn a multiple of those other tokens.

New Players VS Veteran Players

The advantage that consistent players will have over new players is that after doing a multitude of runs consistent players will have a higher knowledge of their Doges and how they like to race. Some Doges will prefer Titan over Europa or gate 2 over gate 3 or longer races as opposed to shorter races. Also, people who play regularly, since even if you don’t place you’ll earn scraps, they will have been earning more scraps which can lead to them being able to build more things such as ships, bases, landing ports, etc.

As well as learning how your Doge prefers to race when breeding goes live knowing your Doge will help you know how you want to breed them to create Doges with specific characteristics and as that family tree is being built the more the pay attention the easier it will be to find a Doge with your specific needs.

Since the goal is being able to create a world within a world creating in-game homes will be a big part of the Metaverse. Building these will require pieces earned from racing. So the more your racing the more of a head start you will have to build these houses and bases. Whether you want to create a summer home, a lake house, or even a retirement home as we aim to bring VR into DogeRun why wouldn’t you want a home with a view?

He (David) has already begun to shift for the elements of VR down the line. Being able to sit in your interstellar shelter and watch the world turn from the outside as you go to bed then why not.”

-Dyer, DogeRun Founder

How Big Will DogeRun Be?

Huge. Ideally, you will be able to create your own world inside David’s world and create your own games inside David’s game. We’re going to blur the lines where the game ends and reality begins and build a comprehensive world.

The intrinsic value of creating a world where creatives and gamers can join us in building this out and contributing to this world that we want to build means that as much as we design and build ourselves the power and growth of this game will come from the community as well. With a strong community behind DogeRun, the game could be endless.

Once they figure out how to put smell and wind into these games I’m going to be front row at those seminars figuring out how to put those in effect”

-Dyer, DogeRun Founder

A quick flight shows how big planets could be.

Will The Universe Be Infinite?

At the start, we will be building based on our solar system and our planets and moon but it won’t end there. It will extend into nearby solar systems and galaxies and then as we create planets for partnerships and people we will be building alternate worlds on top of it that you would be able to port to, but figuring out how to get there might require some specific items.

View of the solar system from the main menu UFO.

Long Term Goals of DogeRun

Ideally, it lives forever. It will keep evolving different tiers and bringing other games into the ecosystem. DogeRun will be the first game in an ever-evolving world that will continue to grow through the process of partnerships and community.

As we grow we aim to incorporate more and more games, NFT communities, decentralized exchanges, and other dApps through the creation of planets and different worlds. Some of which could be exclusive hangouts for holders of a certain NFT allowing communities to create a place for them to hang out, hold meetings, and weekly events outside of places like Discord and Twitter.

If you want something specific come to me ‘Hey David I want this planet like this I want less gravity, more gravity, I want it to rain diamonds,’ Sure I can do that for you”

-David, DogeRun Developer

Onward and Upwards, Frens.

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