DogeRun Founder Cody Dyer’s Interview With Outfoxed Gaming!

How DogeRun Was Born

As an avid gamer his whole life from MMORPGs to FPS’s and even MOBAs, Cody has experienced every up and down that the gaming world has been through. Whether it’s games being poorly balanced or the fight against cheaters he’s been through it all. In the past few years, Dyer has been very involved in the blockchain working on multiple projects such as GDAO and Finnovant and the only next logical step was bringing those two things together, NFT Gaming.

The first move into that space was Zed Run. His first week into Zed Run he bred the infamous horse, Escobar. Escobar ended up being a glitched pony in which Zed Run had to stop allowing him to race. After that Dyer had started realizing some things coming from Zed weren’t in the best interest of the community from raising buy-in prices on newly released horses, hurting the newcomers of the game, and seeing how they had not been giving back to the community the way they should.

This is what sparked the idea of DogeRun. After the decision to create DogeRun was made Dyer reached out to a friend he had done web development with who in turn connected him to an avid UNREAL Engine developer who had specialized in hyper-realistic space environments and together the Galaxy Host Metaverse was born.

A community for gamers by gamers”

-Cody Dyer, DogeRun Founder

A Provably Fair Play Racing Game

DogeRun has recently integrated with Chainlink to implement VRF, verified randomness function, to guarantee randomness not only in your mint but throughout the game.

Once you have minted a Mystery Egg, your next step is ‘incubation’. Incubation is the process of moving the Mystery Egg through the Chainlink VRF smart contract to generate a veritably random number designated between 1 of the 7,777 Moon Doges. Once the random number is generated, it is verified and proven on-chain. This process cannot be changed or manipulated to benefit a specific party, meaning that all DogeRun participants have a fair chance of ‘hatching’ a higher rarity Moon Doge.

Chainlinks VRF comes into play once again in the racing aspect of DogeRun. Each Doge has underlying stats that will be weighted into the Chainlinks VRF and then moved through the process to create a verifiable and provable on-chain randomness to each race.

The reasoning behind this is to make it fair for every single DogeRun player. From veterans to new players each player has a fair chance to hatch a rare doge and/or win a race.

To make a game provably fair I needed to provide Chainlink VRF that was provable on-chain randomness for you to draw your Doges so that everybody who’s entering the game has the same chance to be the best player.” x Chainlink Intergration

Will hardcore players have an advantage over casual players?

In short, no. However, if you are paying close attention to your Doges (How they do on certain planets as opposed to others, gate favor, etc) you will not necessarily have an advantage but you may have a slight competitive edge. Understanding your Doge will help you more efficiently race, but newcomers will not be at a distinct disadvantage since there will be no “bad” Doges only races that certain Doges perform better on than others.

Dyer equates this to the game Pokemon, “if you’re trying to beat the rock gym and you only have grass pokemon. The grass Pokemon aren’t bad but the affinities you have might not be the best for that gym.” Or in this case, planet.

Single-Player And Multiplayer

DogeRun aim is to also have a single-player, more casual, side to the game to build up your ability to travel through the galaxy and earn in-game earn achievements, status points, and things you will only be able to unlock in the single-player aspect of the game.

Although many people don’t play for the storyline in multiplayer games the solo aspect of the game will allow people to learn the ways of the game and hone an understanding of your Doge.

The same way that a new player to a game may play a tutorial or a game against bots in order to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your Doge before moving into the multiplayer matchmaking side of DogeRun.

What is Galaxy Host Games?

The goal of Galaxy Host Games is to create a friendly community of gamers in a metaverse that we can grow in and build in. Taking all the value generated from the games and returning it into the ecosystem to help provide all of our developers and partners a better chance to grow their own worlds. Galaxy Host Games is a group of people Dyer has been involved with throughout his time in the space all working towards a common goal, to bring everyone up and give everyone a chance to create.

Building up not just himself but all the people he works with and all the partnerships he makes along the way. With many things feeling like life or death situations Galaxy Host Games is a place to relax. Whether it’s flying through space or sitting on Titan watching the rings of Saturn turn without a care in the world.

A place to enjoy the games and the relationships that have been built in those games.

Galaxy Host Games to me is building a world in a metaverse in a time that we want to live, in a world we want to live, and providing the opportunity for us to create and grow an ecosystem that we enjoy that ISN’T siphoning off the fruits of our labors”

Galaxy Host Games

Anti-Cheat And KYC

DogeRun is currently aiming to partner with a company of tournament gamers that is very diligent about anti-cheat programs from a mouse detecting AI that can tell whether your mouse movement is bot related or actual human movement to a KYC to show that every individual is a proven true individual.

The goal is to create a planet for them in the metaverse which in turn would allow DogeRun to join their community of provably verified anti-cheat streamers allowing any viewers to know that what they see is what they get and as Dyer puts it “we’re not cheating the function and the function isn’t cheating us.”

Dyer wants everything in DogeRun to be provably fair and this is the next step towards showing every action in the game is true.

The Next Step In DogeRun

With a big part of games being the social aspect and community from guilds to clans the next imminent step in DogeRun is being able to login to the metaverse, connect your wallet, and add as well as message friends to start to create your in-game community and create real relationships with people in the Galaxy Host Metaverse.

Racing is currently the obviously most wanted aspect of the game and contracts are being worked on every day in order to get everyone up and racing their Doges as soon as possible.

Following that would be creating a decentralized exchange in-game that would allow you to fly to a planet and the dApp would be able to interact with your wallet from within the metaverse.

Ready Doger One

“I want to build a world you don’t have to escape from,” says Dyer. “For example building a DEX. A planet you can fly to in the metaverse which is a dex, a decentralized exchange you can interact with, and you can use that dApp in that world and you don’t have to leave UNREAL.” Dyer explains the potential for DogeRun VR or augmented reality in the future of DogeRun. “The goal is to give the world a better interface that they enjoy.”

Long-term Dyer hints at the potential to bring Omni One into the metaverse, although currently only virtual, they do have a developers kit that could bring the product into the metaverse faster than we think. “I’m really keen on you being able to watch from the stands of the races and have your NFTs in the stands with you. I really want to have an immersive ‘Batcave where you can walk in, pick out your avatar, and walk to an event.”

When asked “Do you think eSports is going to come into this? Do you think that’s the future?” Dyer responded “Oh yeah. For example hypothetically if you wanted to watch people play Overwatch there’s no reason I couldn’t set up an arena in the Galaxy Host Metaverse where you could go as your avatar and sit in the stands”

This subject is touched on multiple times throughout the interview and has been brought up among the project developers several times. Although a ways out the potential for a fully submersible metaverse is a very real possibility.

What Is $DogeR?

The $DogeR token is the utility/governance token for DogeRun as well as the main token for the reward structure provided in the DogeRun ecosystem. DogeR is currently live on UNISWAP and is viewable on Dextools as well. The token’s liquidity is provided by NFT sales as well as the revenue generated from the project.

“When the game makes money I don’t make money I don’t pay myself out that way. I pay the token and my supply of the token goes up in price and that’s how I make money. 100% goes back to the community and that’s how it should be.” Says Dyer.

That’s how I plan on making my money through believing and investing in myself and my team.”

$DogeR Token

A Fair Economy

With Dyer’s background in Defi and the projects he’s been a part of he has seen the trial and errors of what works and what doesn’t. Because of that one of the main goals of DogeRun is to start strong with a proper redistribution mechanism for how the payouts are awarded and returned to each player.

With $DogeR acting as a governance token as well as a utility token DogeRun can be operated basically like a DAO with the project owners and the token owners together deciding the future of the project. This will allow the players of DogeRun to submit a proposal for a potential change in the game. If the community agrees this is the best path for the game to move down then the game can move in that direction. DogeRun wants the community to be involved as much in the growth of the game as possible.

My sole intention is to do this the best way I can for the community, my constituents, and my people. If they think there is a better way to do it then let’s do that. If there’s a better way to do something we’re going to do it that way.”

Final Statements

I really do want to hammer on my appreciation for the people in the community that aren’t part of the team that has been making their best effort to be active and inclusive. I’m really appreciative of all of our early adopters because I see all those chats I’m there every day I see what’s going on just because I’m not chatting doesn’t mean I’m not busy. Just because we’re not discussing doesn’t mean David isn’t coding 80 hours a week. That doesn’t mean we’re not building out this massive world that we’re really looking forward to bring to you guys. We might not have seen the immediate traction that we were expecting off the bat, but that doesn’t mean our hearts aren’t in it or that we’re not passionate about this. We see the future of where this can go and I’m really happy to be a part of this and to be enabled by the people around me. This is just the beginning and I’m really happy to be here.”

-Cody Dyer, DogeRun Founder

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