DogeRun. The Final Frontier

Big news today and this is only the start!

We’d like to start off the day by showing off our new trailer for DogeRun! We’ve been working hard behind the curtain and today we’d like to reveal some of the things we’ve been pushing! We’ve posted the video below showcasing some of the newest additions to the game including

  • Account Logins
  • Friends List
  • Metaverse Spaceship Airdrops
  • Interplanetary Travel
  • And More!

This is the next step for DogeRun! Connecting the community in-game and moving one step closer to racing your Doges against your friends in some healthy competition!

Our goal here at DogeRun is to create a fun, inclusive, play-to-earn game that incorporates more than just racing! From unlockables such as accessories and new planets to airdropped Spaceships Kennel which can showcase, not only your Moon Doges but all your NFTs as well as in-game Doge Trainer Avatars! Space is infinite and so are the possibilities in the DogeRun & Galaxy Host Metaverse!

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