The Final Minting.

On 8/17 at 7PM EST we will be releasing the final mint! The remaining 555 Eggs will be available for purchase!

Today we are very happy to announce that we will be opening up the next round of minting on 8/17 at 7PM EST! And thanks to selling out our last round we’ve now got the Chainlink to fund the remaining Eggs from the Origin Tier! What does this mean? It means instead of dripping the Eggs 111 at a time we’re releasing the remaining 555 Eggs! When these sell out there will be NO MORE ORIGIN EGGS LEFT!

The Eggs are still .111 ETH per Egg with a daily buy limit of 10! You can mint these Eggs on our Interstellar Shelter page after connecting your MetaMask wallet and selecting how many you’d like to adopt.

Once you’ve got your Egg head over to our Incubator Page and Incubate! Incubation is free+gas. If this is your first time incubating an Egg make sure you click approve, accept that txn on your MetaMask, and wait for it to go through. Once it has been approved you can click incubate and begin incubating your Eggs one at a time. You cannot do large incubations due to Chainlinks VRF processing and creating verifiable proof of randomness only accepting one Egg at a time.

Once you incubate you will receive a Hatched Egg Shell NFT immediately after the txn is completed. These NFT’s will be the beacon for our airdrops from Spaceship Kennels, Doge Trainer Avatars, $DogeR drops, etc. Our airdrops will be per Egg Shell NFT so the more you have the more drops you will receive.

After you’ve completed incubation and received your Egg Shell NFT a couple of minutes later your Moon Doge will appear in your Openseas account! It takes slightly longer than the Egg Shell NFT due to it being processed through Chainlinks VRF to ensure randomness.

Thanks again to everyone who has purchased an Egg throughout our minting process! It means so much to us to see people showing off their Moon Doges and with future updates closing in and our partner announcement late next week we’re very excited to have everyone on board!

Also, pay attention to our Twitter We’re going to be doing another giveaway Wednesday 8/18 for another chance to win a Moon Doge Mystery Egg!

Origin Ethos Moon Doge Mystery Egg
Hatched Egg Shell NFT

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