Incubation Is Here!


Who’s ready to incubate!?

We’re happy to announce incubation is now live and running! Head over to, connect your wallet, and start hatching!

There are a couple of things you need to do before you incubate your eggs. First, connect your wallet, then make sure you click approve and let that txn go through before trying to incubate! If you are getting gas prices above .01 ETH, you need to make sure everything is completed before moving further. Once you’re approved you can start incubating one at a time. The reason for one at a time is to let Chainlink’s VRF do its job and provide you with a randomly generated Moon Doge!

After you hatch you will receive 1 Moon Doge and 1 Hatched Egg Shell NFT. Both of these come with utility as the Doge is used as your racer in DogeRun and the Egg Shell NFT will bring in-game bonuses as well as an airdrop of 1% of the total DogeR supply (70k!). Airdrop is for each eggshell you hold so the more you’ve got the more we drop! Play-To-Earn HERE WE COME!

As of right now on OpenSeas it only shows breed and color. Unique traits will be added to give further insight into your MoonDoge! Another thing we will be adding is a renaming feature so that people can name their MoonDoges whatever they like!

We’re very excited to hit this next milestone and we hope everyone enjoys their lovable little MoonDoge!

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