Origin Ethos Moon Doge Mystery Egg Minting Is Back!

Incubation is right around the corner! Have you got your Eggs yet?

Who’s excited for minting to be back?! Today we’ve re-opened the ability to mint Origin Ethos Moon Doge Mystery Eggs! Previously we had paused the minting process in order to reevaluate how we were releasing the 1,111 Origin Ethos Mystery Eggs. After some deliberating we’ve decided upon re-opening the minting process we will be reverting to the .111Eth per Egg price. Still at a 5 Egg limit per person and, for right now, only releasing 111 Origin Eggs in this batch. Remember that 50% of the Origin Ethos Egg sales goes directly back into liquidity for the token. This means buying an Egg doesn’t only help the project move forward but will also help $DogeR forward as well. With a 1% of total $DogeR supply airdrop per Hatched Egg Shell NFT you own buying an Egg now is the best of both worlds!

Currently, we’re aiming to incubate by Wednesday the 28th. End of the week at the latest. Everyone holding an Egg will be able to crack it open and earn 1 Hatched Mystery Egg and 1 MoonDoge per Origin Ethos Moon Doge Mystery Egg. The Hatched Mystery Egg Shell will give users part of a claim of $DogeR token and grant the holder 10% Reduced Breeding Fees and 10% Increased Seeding Payout Indefinitely. The Egg Shell will need to be paired with the moon doge during breeding/seeding. (You may have reduced Breeding across your kennel with one shell but will need to pair shells with each dog you want to put up for seed)

The total supply of $DogeR is 7,777,777,777. 1% of which will be airdropped directly to Hatched Mystery Egg Hodlers. This breaks down to 70,007 per Egg Shell. If you hatch five Origin Ethos Moon Doge Mystery Eggs and receive 5 Hatched Mystery Eggs you’ll receive an airdrop of 350k+ $DogeR!

With this being the third batch of Origin Ethos Eggs being released selling out would put us at 333 Eggs minted out of 1,111 total eggs. That puts us at 30% minted! We’re currently in the processing of working out a proper roadmap expressing our goals throughout the minting process such as releasing merch, donating to charity, game updates, and more!

After we sell out of this batch and incubation is in effect another batch will be released for minting. We’re still deliberating whether to release the remaining 70% or continue releasing in sections of 111 Eggs and we’d love to hear your suggestions on what you would rather us do! Please give us suggestions and feedback in our Discord so we can aim to do what’s best for our community!

Let’s get all these Eggs minted and hatched $DogeRs!

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