Origin Ethos Moon Doge Mystery Egg Are Coming Back To Mint!

The Last Mint Before Incubation!

Doge Hodlers! As some of you may know we’ve paused the minting process of Origin Ethos Moon Doge Mystery Eggs. We did that in order to reevaluate a couple of different aspects of the original mint. Now we’ve decided to bring that minting process back! On 7/23, we will be going live with another 111 Eggs to mint! These eggs will be minted for .111 ETH each and there will be a 5 Egg limit purchase. Selling out of these Eggs will put us at 30% total Origin Ethos Moon Doge Mystery Eggs minted. Remember minting an Egg is just as important to DogeRun as it is for $DogeR since 50% of the sales go directly back to the liquidity of the token! This will be the last minting process before the incubator is released so make sure to stock up! Hopefully, within a couple of days to a week, we will be ready to go with the incubation process and we can begin to reveal our MoonDoges! Following incubation, we will be doing another minting process potentially releasing the remaining 70% of the Eggs into the community! Everyone deserves a MoonDoge so let’s get these Eggs sold and hatched!

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