2 Weeks Left In The GYSR Liquidity Pool!

Have you got in the pool yet? The water’s fine hop in!

Hey $DogeRs! Friendly reminder our Gysr Liquidity Pool 30 Day Program is still running BUT you’ve only got two weeks left to join! We started the program on 7/7 and it will end on 8/5. But it’s not too late! Over 20 Million $DogeR is left to be distributed, and staking your $USDC and $DogeR can get you a piece of the pie!

The pools will be available at https://app.gysr.io/pool/0x7635de1f8f0fc3c1112012f366a330db72d5e883!

GYSR will be a $USDC/$DogeR liquidity pool! Now we know it’s been two weeks since the release so let’s go over again how to get involved.

Part 1. UniSwap

– Go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/pool/v2.

– Create an LP token by clicking “Create Pair” and add an equal value of $USDC and $DogeR.

– Once created the LP token will be stored in your MetaMask wallet.

If $DogeR doesn’t show up in your UniSwap when you try to select a token copy and paste this in the search bar.


Then click import and $DogeR should be available to swap!

Part 2. Gysr

– Go to https://app.gysr.io/pool/0x7635de1f8f0fc3c1112012f366a330db72d5e883

– Approve the Uni-V2

– Add the created LP token and click stake!

If you’d like to boost your rewards you can also stake GYSR tokens! Let’s get staking DogeR Hodlers!

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