Origin Ethos MoonDoge Previews!

With the hatching closing in on us we’ve decided to preview some of the MoonDoges! These are only some of the Moon Doge and color combos that could come out of your Origin Ethos MoonDoge Mystery Egg!

Ethos 1 Sky Blue Shiba Inu
Ethos 4 Burnt Sienna German Shepard

With 7,777 different Origin Ethos MoonDoges we couldn’t possibly share all the different combos, now could we? Just going to have to hatch some of those mystery eggs and see for yourself.

If you’d like to see even more previews head over to our MoonDoge Info tab for a video of the rest of the seven breeds! While your there learn a bit about the MoonDoges in the Lore video as well!

Ethos 2 Pink Flamingo Doberman

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