DogeRun Beta v.04


The downloadable desktop version is now in V.04! Head to the Racing page,, and download the new version of the desktop game for all the updates!

Dogerun desktop V0.4

Fixed Bugs:

– Fixed a speed bug that made doges Run at different speeds on certain systems.

– Fixed the favored Doge bug. All doges are sorted correctly according to their places and placements at the end of the race.

Coding Changes:

– Everything’s coded to run at the same speed relative to time no matter the system and the FPS it runs at.

Added Features:

Moon Rings:

– Added collectible rings for favored Doge winning or placing in the top 3.
3 rings are rewarded for 1st place. 2 rings for 2nd place. 1 ring for 3rd.

– Ring count is automatically saved to the desktop version and loaded every time game is opened. You win your rings you keep your rings! HUD Changes:

– Added Cam, Leader board, and Volume buttons.

– Volume adjustment slider.

– Keyboard mappings for two of these features are as follows:

C: camera L: leader board. Pressing C will change the camera angle and pressing L will add or remove leader boards and HUD

– Added an exit game prompt when the player presses the “escape” key.

– Added the “Dogerun” font to all our text prompts.

Massive landscape upgrade:

– Added craters to the moon landscape.

– Improved landscape and track textures.

– Improved lighting and reflections.

Current Bug Fixes In Progress:

Cam will stay at starting gate as opposed to following Doges until the Cam button or C key is pressed. It Will be corrected soon If anyone comes across any additional bugs please let us know right away so we can get them taken care of, Thanks! Happy Racing Everyone!

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